For years now, South Carolina has experienced strong growth and demand across its real estate markets. People simply want to live in this beautiful state. This has made a career in real estate a lucrative one for the men and women who have worked with buyers to find the right home and sellers to get the best price for what is often their biggest investment. 

At The Shipley Law Firm, PC we realize the importance of the critical relationship between realtors and their clients. That is why we work so hard to make sure that all the legal details associated with a real estate transaction are addressed rapidly, clearly, and comprehensively.  

While real estate closings may seem like an endless flow of documents for clients and agents to complete, establishing clear lines of communication around a single source for important documentation can make all the difference to the life cycle of a transaction. The Shipley Law Firm works diligently with real estate agents to resolve any discrepancies with the flurry of documentation that often comes from many different parties. We partner with realtors to protect the integrity of every single transaction.

 Maintaining communication among all parties involved during a real estate purchase allows for a quick and seamless closing day for clients and real estate agents. This is the key to meeting deadlines and managing the strict time constraints that are associated with every real estate transaction. 

So, what can you do to prepare your legal team to conclude the legal portion of our transaction as effectively and efficiently as possible?