If you are buying your first home — or your tenth — the principal objective of your legal team is to make sure that you end up owning what you are purchasing without ambiguity. That means concluding your transaction with “good clean title”, or, in appropriate circumstances, by working with title insurance companies to insure over potential title issues. 

So, what is entailed in a title search?

It involves executing an investigation to make sure that no one else has a claim on the property you are purchasing. This can be tricky when you consider that land has been around a lot longer than we have. 

As you probably already know, buying property involves lots of records, paperwork, and computers to keep track of important documents are a relatively new development in tracking the paper trail. 

At the Shipley Law Firm, PC, your legal team investigates public and sometimes private records to make sure that you are the only legal title-holder or insured to be the legal holder, to the property you are purchasing. Ensuring that there is no basis for anybody else to make claims on the property that you will own after the transaction is completed.

So, what can you do to prepare your legal team to conclude the legal portion of our real estate transaction as effectively and efficiently as possible?

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