Time is money. No one knows that better than lenders handling transactions in the hot State of South Carolina real estate market. With many, if not most, homes in the state on the market for a month or less alongside low interest rates, teamwork between lenders and law firms is essential to supporting home purchases and mortgage refinancing.

We understand that responsive communication and timely action is the key to ensuring successful transactions that are properly vetted and documented to protect the interests of all involved parties.

In recent years, achieving this goal has been complicated by the entrance of a new and growing category of buyer. South Carolina has captured the attention of buyers inside and outside the region, as families up and down the Eastern Seaboard have come to recognize the special attributes of the Palmetto State.

In some cases, purchasers have even closed transactions in a site unseen. As a result, lenders — and lawyers — have had to address the special requirements associated with collecting and processing out-of-state documentation to comply with the legal requirements of South Carolina. 

Despite the complexity of these new dynamics, The Shipley Law Firm PC has successfully worked with South Carolina lenders across every category of real estate transaction by focusing on these four principles:


So, what can you do to prepare your legal team to conclude the legal portion of our refinance transaction as effectively and efficiently as possible?