For most people, their house is not just a home, but also their most important financial resource. It is where most of their capital resides. It is also typically where the lion’s share of debt is tied up. It is for this reason that responsible homeowners often revisit their financing options. If interest rates are lower compared to when their purchase was made, it may well make sense to refinance. For those who have major expenses to address or investments to make (such as in their children’s education), equity in homes can be a critical financial resource.

So why do you need a lawyer?

Having a lawyer represent you for a refinance transaction is required in the state of South Carolina. Not only is it a legality, but advice from your lawyer during this transaction ensures that you, the property and the terms of your loan are accurately represented on your closing documents. 

At The Shipley Law Firm PC, your lawyers will help you prepare your legal documentation, make certain that all processes are correctly followed through the transaction, and communicate all post-closing records are provided to your mortgage holder in a timely fashion.