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Real Estate
The purchase of real estate, or a loan secured by your real estate investment, is one of the most important transactions of a personal or business lifetime. Serious investigation and review of liens, chain of title, restrictions, easements, rights-of-way, judgments, leases, contractual documents, and lender documents can be critical in purchase transactions. Professional and ethical attention to disbursement of funds, recording of legal documents and adherence to post closing procedures is important in every transaction. We devote a lot of effort to staying current in this rapidly changing area of practice, and we take pride in protecting our clients interests in these transactions.

Additionally, we are licensed providers of title insurance through First American Title Insurance Co. and Investors Title Co.In today's lending environment, title insurance which covers the lender is usually required. If you are purchasing real property, or own real property, a title insurance policy which provides coverage for you, as an owner, is also an important consideration. Hidden title defects, such as mis-indexed public documents, unrecorded leases, forged documents, documents executed without appropriate authority or by those that lack capacity can lead to expensive title claims. We recommend title insurance for every owner of real estate. Relatively speaking, it is a cost effective way to help protect your investment. We have the resources available to meet lender title insurance requirements, and to provide for your title insurance needs.

Our experience in real estate law coupled with our experience in litigation has provided our firm an exceptional adaptation to handle real estate disputes. We can help with disputes and claims regarding sales contracts, title/ownership, restrictions, liens, easements, property boundaries and the rights of property owners.

Civil Litigation
We have been prosecuting and defending individuals and businesses in lawsuits since 1992. We have had success helping a broad range of clients avoid formal litigation through negotiation and alternatives to lawsuits, such as mediation. Without question, litigators with experience trying cases are better equipped and better situated to succeed in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom. We have been trying cases for over two decades.

We are not a high volume litigation firm. We are selective about the cases we get involved in, and we tailor our strategy in each individual case based on each client goals.

Our basic philosophy in litigation is to: develop a plan that gives the client the best chance to succeed, prepare thoroughly, execute the plan, and do it in an ethical and cost effective way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a case you would like to discuss.

Business Law
We have helped very large businesses, very small businesses, and all sorts of businesses in between over the years. We operate a small business ourselves, and identify with small businesses need for quality, flexible, and cost effective services. We understand the pace of business today, and the importance of timely service. We provide legal support to businesses that are: forming, in the start-up phase, structuring, negotiating contracts,drafting contracts, or involved in litigation. We represent clients buying or selling businesses. Some of our business clients contact us frequently with questions about legal issues that arise in their day-to- day operations. If you have questions or legal issues concerning your business, you are buying or selling a business, or you would like discuss we welcome you to contact us.

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